Adventurers Dive Log
Underwater Photography Hall of Fame

Adventurers Dive Log Underwater Photography Hall of Fame

The following underwater photographers have contributed their material for your viewing pleasure on the Adventurers Dive Log. Enjoy the material but please repect the copyrights on the images.

The Class Portrait to the right was taken by
Doug Amos

Doug Amos, Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Jerry Bronson, British Columbia

Jason E. Caffey, Puget Sound, South Florida

Rob Cheng, Boynton Beach Florida

Scuba Ed, Florida

Steve Flaherty, Rockport Ontario,

Dieter Klinkhammer, Thailand

Steve Hogan, Great Barrier Reef, Papaua New Guinea

Keith Hamlin, Florida

Paul Janofsky, Cozumel, California

Paul Janosi, Philippines, Red Sea

Graham Lambert, South Africa

Scott Maloney, Okinawa Japan

Charles Maxwell, South Africa

Jamie & Tracey Murphy, Cozumel

Adam Rushton, Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Mike Russell, Tobermory, HMCS Sagunay

Leo Sielsch, Pacific North West

Mae Squires-Graham, Bahamas

Herwig W. Strauss, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea

Ingo Vollmer, Atlantic Canada

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