Adventurers Dive Log, Scuba Diving in the Indian Ocean, Maldives

Diving in Maldives

by Guido Beham Munich, Germany


Bathala is a little typical Maledivian island-resort. Till today Bathala is one of the most preferred diving resorts on the Maldives because of it's typical character and it's extraordinary diving grounds. Situated at the eastern side of the Ari-atoll Bathala is about 30 miles away from the airport. By Maledivian Air Taxi you need 30 minutes from the airport to the island. 37 palm-roofed bungalows are positioned along the beach round the island. Not luxury is the point of success it's atmosphere. Bathala is preferred by scuba-divers, so non-divers, though being welcome, are not the the typical guests. As the resort is middle-class also the food is middle-class. Nothing for gourmets but OK. There's no lagoon, but the house-reef only a few meters is away from the beach. Every kind of tropical fishes you're able to see at the house-reef. Not only small ones. Sharks, stingrays, turtles or barracudas are usual, sometimes wale-sharks or mantas to see is possible. (the only wale-shark there I saw!) The diving grounds around Bathala are the most famous on Maldives.


Sharks, esp. grey reef sharks. Mostly 10-15+ As well as a nice top.

Maja Tila:

Also a lot of sharks but also anything else. Drop-offs, overhangs.

Halaveli Wreck:

Small wreck, nice coralls AND tame turtles and stingrays.


Vilamendhoo is a nearly new island resort in the south-east of the Ari-Atoll, 50 mls from the airport. 4-star-comfort makes this island-resort untypical. A lot of palms are making nice impression. The diving base is typical German. The house-reef is nice and good for drift-dives. Several ins and outs. The diving grounds around are not as famous as the grounds around Bathala but some of them I prefer.

Broken Rock:

Like a cake broken into 4 peaces. 2 Canyons crossing (very nice to dive if there's current) Drop-offs and caves. Big Napoleons (about 7 ft) and the usual collection: turtles, sharks,....

Paradise Rock:

Similar Broken Rock, but more coralls.

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